Guide to Preparing for Your Visit to Cobb County Probate Court Georgia

Sisco Probate Law discusses Cobb County GA’s probate court and understanding how probate court works. Learn more.

What Does a Probate Court Do?

Like other probate courts in the country, the Cobb County Probate Court is responsible for handling all petitions involving probate of wills and property.

Additionally, a probate court has the exclusive jurisdiction of appointment and removal of guardians for incapacitated adults or those who are mentally ill. 

If you are dealing with a case involving estate property, visit the Cobb County Probate Court at 32 Waddell street Marietta GA, 30090. When you get there, ask to speak to a probate clerk or probate judge.

Estate laws are complicated, but an experienced probate attorney from Sisco Probate Law can offer you the legal advice you need as your case progresses.

Cobb County Probate Court Records

Some of the most common records or documents held by a probate court are:

  • Marriage licenses

  • Weapons carry licenses

  • Property/real estate records

  • Wills

  • Guardianships

  • Recording of the elected official’s oaths and bonds

Like any other court records, probate court records are publicly available. You can visit a probate court during their hours of operation and request any records you need, including real estate records and filed wills.

All you need to do is pay copying fees. The exact copying fees will depend on the number of pages in a document. Alternatively, you can make a written request via mail. Make sure to include your address so the court can mail the documents to you. 

Although it is advisable to draw up a will while you are still alive, not everybody has the opportunity to do so. As a surviving family member, any concerns you have about the probate process will lessen once you acquire probate legal service.

Our experienced probate attorneys at Sisco Probate law will hold your hand from the first day to the last. We offer excellent customer service and represent you to the best of our ability. 

Preparing for Your Cobb County Probate Court Visit

Going to the Cobb County Probate Court for the first time can be stressful. You may be confused and unsure of what you need to have with you and the steps you should follow.

Make sure you bring the following items when you visit the Cobb County Probate Court:

  • Cash, card, or a checkbook for filing and copying fees

  • Death certificate of the deceased if you want to probate their will

  • Your government-issued ID

  • Proof of executorship

Ensure you consult your probate lawyer about the documents you need to fill out before visiting the Cobb County Probate Court.

You can get a copy of real estate records from the superior court clerk if you need them. 

Remember that an estate can only be shared as per the wishes of a deceased if you fill out the correct documents and follow through with the probate case.

Cobb County Probate Court Case Lookup

It is relatively easy to search for documents that have been filed at the Probate Court of Cobb County online.

Visit the Cobb County Probate Court records/document search page and select the type of document using the name or case number. If you need a copy of a document, you can choose to download and print the records you need.

Additionally, you can visit the Cobb County Probate Court to obtain documents relevant to your case.

Forms for Probate Court of Cobb County

Depending on the type of petition you’re filing at the Probate Court of Cobb County, there are different forms that you need to lodge. 

Here are some of the most common forms:

  • Letters of administration

  • An order declaring that no administration is necessary

  • Letters of a conservatorship of a minor

  • Establish custodial account for minors or incapacitated adults

  • Leave to sell perishable property by a personal representative

  • Presumption of death of missing individual believed to be dead

  • Permanent letters of guardianship of minor

While these forms are available online, you may not be able to find the correct form if you don’t know what you are looking for or how to search for it. In addition, it is also essential to understand how a probate court operates to successfully process a probate case. 

Although you may choose not to hire a probate lawyer for simple petitions like applying for fireworks permits, you will be better off hiring one for more complex probate petitions. 

Contact a probate lawyer to get assistance with the forms you need for your visit to Cobb County Probate Court and with any other probate matters.

A probate lawyer can also provide legal representation for complex probate cases. Your probate attorney will be knowledgeable on Georgia’s inheritance rules and can explain to you options suitable for your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Probate Court

What Does Probating a Will Mean?

Probating a will is the process of administering a dead person’s estate. It means paying off their debts and taxes and distributing the remaining assets and possessions as an inheritance to the beneficiaries.


How Much Does Probate Cost in Cobb County, GA?

Your specific circumstances and history will determine the actual costs of probating a will in Cobb County. Court costs, postage, and copy costs generally affect probate court costs. In addition, other factors that determine the actual probate costs are whether the probate, guardianship, and conservatorship are contested or not.

Additionally, the amount you will spend on attorney fees will also affect how much you will spend in total for the probate court proceedings. Contact a probate lawyer for a more precise estimate of your probate costs.


How do I find Probate Records in Georgia?

Probated documents are public records. To request a copy of a probated document, visit the probate court where the documents are being probated or make a request via mail.


Are Georgia Probate Records Public?

Yes. Like most court records, probate records in Georgia are publicly available and accessible. So visit your nearest probate court to request and get a copy of your records.


How Long Does it Take After Probate Is Granted to Receive an Inheritance?

It usually takes nine to twelve months for the deceased’s estate to be correctly administered before receiving your inheritance. Complex estates can take longer than twelve months to be administered.

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