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Probate law is the area of law that deals with wills, estates, and related issues. A probate lawyer in Marietta, GA, will help you through the process.

Why a Probate Lawyer?

Even the estates of individuals who make proper estate plans with the assistance of a reputable probate attorney sometimes wind up in probate upon their death.

Dealing with estate issues can be complicated. When someone passes away, resolving their estate requires paying financial obligations and distributing resources. Working with a skilled probate lawyer experienced in probate litigation, estate administration, and Georgia estate planning can help save you time and money.

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How a Skilled Probate Lawyer in Marietta, GA, Can Help

When a Georgia citizen or someone owning property in that state passes on, their estate goes through the probate process.
When a loved one dies, many tough decisions must be made. These include how their assets will be distributed. It helps to know what their final wishes are.

End-of-life issues are complex and potentially emotional, making your choice of legal advisor even more important. Since 1996, Kenneth Sisco has had the knowledge and experience to navigate this complex process as a practicing lawyer.

The family or personal representative is responsible for all trust and will issues. These include distributing the death certificate to the necessary parties and the following:

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Contacting creditors

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Distributing all property

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Filing the income tax return

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Handling creditors

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Managing life insurance policies

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Managing the deceased’s bank account

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Paying bills on outstanding debts

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Paying funeral expenses

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Remaining in contact with the probate court


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With so many responsibilities, it is easy for someone still grieving the loss of their loved one to become overwhelmed and overlook some of the vital legal matters involved. Hiring a Sisco Probate Law attorney can reduce the stress and disperse some of the duties.

What Is Probate Law?

Probate law governs the court-supervised process of authenticating a deceased person’s last will, including paying off the debt and distributing assets to beneficiaries. The probate process is designed to help the loved ones of a deceased person, including surviving spouse, children, and close family members, to gather the assets as per the deceased’s will or law.

Probate would be necessary if the deceased person owned assets in their name. However, suppose the assets are owned in someone else’s name or were included in a revocable living trust. In that case, the probate won’t be necessary, and the assets will transfer without going through probate.

Understanding Probate Court Marietta GA

The primary focus of a probate court is to ensure the administration of estate and guardianship per state law. The probate court judges will determine the guardianship of estate assets through a series of trials with or without a jury.
The exclusive jurisdiction of the Cobb County Probate Court, Marietta, GA includes but is not limited to the following matters.

Probate and Estate Administration

Probate Litigation- Wills, Trusts and Estate Disputes

Conservatorships and Guardianships for Adults and Minors

Minor Compromises

General Civil Litigation

How Does the Probate Process Work in Marietta, GA?

The probate process in Marietta, GA, is the same as in any other city in Georgia because probate is governed by state law. A usual probate process consists of the following steps.

1. Petition Filing

The foremost step is to file a probate petition in court. The court will assign an executor if someone is listed in the will. However, if there isn’t any executor, the court will appoint a personal representative to do the same job.

2. Issuance of Letters of Testamentary

Next, the court will issue the Letters of Testamentary to the executor to grant them the authority to act on behalf of the estate. The executor might also need to post a bond for estate protection.

3. Debt Payment

The executor will locate and protect the estate, file and pay taxes, and make payments to creditors. The executor can sell some assets to afford the expenses if needed. Moreover, the executor can publish the death notification within 60-days of the appointment. After that, the creditors will have only three months to come forward with receipts of any unpaid debts.

4. Asset Distribution

Once the executor has paid all the debt, the remaining assets can be divided among the legitimate heirs of the assets as per the probate law guidelines. When the assets get successfully distributed among heirs, they must submit a formal request to close the probate with the court.

We’re Here to Help in Your Time of Need

Many families believe that they can navigate the probate process without a robust legal presence. Where this might be the case, it likely is not. Unfortunately, even when a solid will is in place, the individual personal interests and family dynamics may interfere with the estate’s resolution. To avoid letting emotions thwart or delay the legal proceedings, you should consider having the advocacy of a skilled attorney.

Preferably, the lawyer can help guide the probate to a peaceful outcome. Other times, he may need to aggressively litigate the situation in the courts. Typically, the level of help required to resolve the estate is somewhere in between.

If you have lost a loved one, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call 404-831-3479. With decades of experience, Sisco Probate Law is here to help you through what is likely one of the most challenging times of your life.

Meet Ken

Ken received his undergraduate degree in history from Princeton University, where he also played varsity football. He then went on to get his law degree at Widener University in Pennsylvania, and has held bar licenses in three states (NY, NJ and GA).

Ken has spent the last 25 years practicing law as a litigation attorney.  He has litigated everything from simple car wreck cases in small claims court to complex high exposure cases against corporations, contractors, and design professionals, and pretty much everything in between.

Throughout his career, Ken had the chance to practice probate law and always enjoyed the satisfaction of helping people in their time of greatest need.   That is why when Ken decided to leave corporate America he decided to open his own practice, he decided to use his extensive litigation experience to focus on probate matters, especially probate litigation.

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In addition to probate, Ken also maintains a general civil litigation practice and can help you with a variety of other civil disputes including those involving personal injuries, real estate disputes, breach of contract actions, and many other civil disputes.

Ken is also a Registered Neutral Mediator with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution provides mediation services.  See for more information.

Outside the office, you will often find Ken at the ballpark, where he volunteers as a commissioner and coach for a youth rec baseball league. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage sons, as well as his spoiled dogs Rex and Stoli. Although a native of New Jersey, Ken now firmly considers himself a southerner. He enjoys watching college football in the fall, and is a proud Georgia Bulldogs fan.

Marietta Probate Lawyers

Probate can be a lengthy and complex process. From beneficiaries delegation to assets division, you may encounter several instances where an experienced estate planning attorney could help. A skilled Marietta probate lawyer can be your go-to resource to understand what’s next and how you should proceed in order to make things as efficient as possible.

With that being said, not every probate case is complicated, and in fact, some might be able to be resolved without an attorney. However, working with a probate attorney can help you avoid unforeseen issues and make your process a lot smoother.

Is There a Probate Law Firm Near Me?

Consult with Sisco Probate Law if you are looking for a probate law firm in Marietta, GA, with skilled attorneys who have proven experience in probate litigation and estate planning.

Only attorneys experienced in the relevant practice areas can help you find solutions to your probate issues or other legal issues regarding estate planning. We have years of diverse experience in probate proceedings.

Our goal is to help you and your loved ones go through this complex process with ease.

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